Breath in.
Breath out.

Nature as far
as the eye can see

Wallgau has nature. It loves nature. It is nature.
Nature itself is the greatest and oldest of all-natural healing springs.

Wallgau is pure nature. Air, earth and water attract with their charms in the play of the seasons.
Marvel at the spring bloom of the meadows.
Refresh yourself in the freshwater of our crystalline mountain lakes.
Breathe in the autumn air or experience our mountain world with a colourful winter white.
Wallgau is pure and original nature.
Nature that helps you to refresh your body and soul.
Wallgau is also a living tradition. Warm, friendly and full of life..


    Whether you want to take it easy or are looking for a challenge: There is something for everyone in the Wallgau summer activities offered. Click here for the excursion destinations in Wallgau

    Lush meadows and a typical barn, in the background the Karwendel massive

    Step outside. Take a deep breath. Liberatingly cool, refreshingly clear. The snow falls softly. Almost tangible silence. Natural harmony. Winter in Wallgau. Click here for a preview of the events in Wallgau.

    Winterspaziergang Parkhotel Wallgau

For many, the summer of Wallgau, in particular, is an inexhaustible source of opportunity. With a varied range of leisure activities, irresistible to many, it magically attracts holidaymakers from near and far.
Here you will find everything you have ever dreamed of for a summer holiday in the mountains.
Admire the exuberant green of the alpine pastures. The colourful flowers of the wide meadows. The magnificent orchid fields around the Geroldsee and, of course, our mysterious Himmelsaugen, which is what people call the blue-green mountain lakes of our region. Enjoy the refreshing water while surfing and swimming. Enjoy the alpine skies while flying in a balloon and paragliding. Learn interesting facts about the rich flora and fauna of the region on various nature trails.
Experience summer nature. Enjoy nature. Keep memories inside you. Forever.

A snowy dream between Zugspitze and Karwendel: the winter paradise of Wallgau. When winter arrives here, it transforms our small village and all its surroundings into a picturesque postcard motif. Snow-covered landscapes. White peaks. Fields and roofs. Treetops and forests. The snow drips softly. Over and over again. The flakes fall softly. Wallgau gives snow-lovers a natural fairytale atmosphere. Far from any noise. In a land of winter dreams. Even King Louis II succumbed to the charm of our charming region in his time. He loved the mountains, their tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle, he loved his mountain cottages. They were much dearer to him than his castles, he even wrote. One of the most secret ones is located very close to Wallgau, in Schachen, at the foot of the Wetterstein massif, at an altitude of 1866 m. Today, interested visitors can reach the house on foot in about 3 hours and visit it for a small entrance fee.

To our
excursion destinations

Do you want to plan your activities in advance? Use the following information or call us. We know our home country and will gladly help you to make your holiday wishes come true..

summer activities
for your stay

Both sportsmen and women, as well as those looking for relaxation, will find a wide range of possibilities here: From a relaxing walk to an intense jog, from an easy bike ride to a challenging mountain bike, from a horse ride to a carriage ride, from a mountain walk to a climb.
Fishing, surfing, swimming, hot air ballooning or paragliding, there are no wishes that are not fulfilled here! Nature lovers can find information about the flora and fauna, geology and climate on various nature trails. Nature as far as the eye can see!

Feel welcome at the atmospheric festivities, experience the folkloric traditions and maybe even dare a good yodel or a Schuhplattler… There are so many possibilities! Talk to us! We are happy to give you advice and tips!

Treat yourself to a
pampering program
in the middle of our winter landscape

Our “dream in white”, located between Zugspitze and Karwendel. Lovers of quiet snow feel as comfortable with us as winter sports enthusiasts. Would you like a little taste?

Enjoy the magic of winter with romantic carriage rides and walks, join in the excitement of dog sledging and downhill racing, or experience our native animals while you feed them. Cross-country skiing runs pass directly through our door and friends of downhill skiing can reach the slopes in a few minutes.
Join guided ski tours and snowshoe walks, or have a sledge race with the children down the Alps. Do pirouettes while skating, or demonstrate your skills in curling and biathlon.

So what are you waiting for? This is the land of winter dreams! Wallgau, Magdalena Neuner’s home.