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Barmsee in der Alpenwelt Karwendel

“Bergwelt Karwendel” – environmental exhibition

Sightseeing: Hiking Songlines in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

Enjoy an incomparable view in more than 1.300m height on top of Mittenwald! See the landscape from a different angle and explore the extraordinary world of hedonists in 2.244m of height. The exhibition provides insight into the Alpine ecosystem and the habitat “Karwendel”. Even less experienced mountain visitors are tought the general living conditions of plants, animals and people in the Alpine area in a safe environment. Also topics as “danger in the mountains” and “historico – cultural developments” are adressed. The “father” of the exhibition at this spectacular place with its avant – gard architecture is Dr. Lutz Spandau, chairman of the Allianz Environment Foundation.


distance: 10 km
travel time: 10 min
Can be reached by the Karwendelbahn in Mittenwald!

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Buckelwiesen zwischen Wallgau und Mittenwald

“Buckelwiesen”-hiking tours

Sightseeing: Hiking Songlines in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

The way is characterized by different land forms: the historical centre, forest, meadows and lakes, as well as gentle mounds of the socalled “Buckelwiesen”.

Smooth hiking or walking tour on ground – leveled, wide tracks and roads.

Tracking signs with stage destination.

Historical centre district Gries (Mittenwald), Buckelwiesen, chapel Maria Rast at Krün, educational trail with pebble stones Krün, historical houses in Wallgau;

distance: 12 km
travel time: 180 min

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Geo-Wanderweg an der Isar in Wallgau

Geology – Trails

Sightseeing: Hiking Songlines in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

Information about the development of the river Isar and the Karwendel mountains are given in an educational trail with pebble stones and the geological trails in Wallgau and Mittenwald – clarified by exhibits, fotographies, pictures and explaining texts.

educational trail:

length: 0,8 km
duration: ca. 30 min

geology trail Mittenwald:

length: 1 km
duration: ca. 40 min

geology trail Wallgau:

length: 3,7 km
duration: ca. 2 Stunden (mit Besichtigungszeit)

distance: 4 km
travel time: 120 min

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Isartaler Rundweg

Isartal circular track

Sightseeing: Hiking Songlines in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

The Isartal circular track takes you through the Alpine panorama of the Karwendel. During multiple day trips you have the possibility to discover the highlights of the Mittenwald area on foot: Isar, Wallgau Panorama Trail, lakes as Barmsee, Ferchensee, Lautersee and a lot more.

Gentle walk or hiking tour in the beautiful Alpine Karwendel world.

From May to October you can take the guests’ bus in regular terms between Klais, Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau.

distance: 32 km
travel time: 0 min

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House Soiern and Schöttlkarspitze

Sightseeing: Hiking Songlines in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

Reach the Schöttlkarspitze in 2050m of hight by crossing the Fischbachalm and the scenicly situated Soiern Lakes. Already King Ludwig II. of Bavaria enjoyed this mountain path several times – and he obviously was the one knowing the most marvellous places.

length: ~ 11,6 km

duration: ~ 9 to 10hours

You need to bee slip – proof for climbing up and down the peak! In parts, the tracks are rocky, apart from that your trip runs on hiking trails and forest roads.

distance: 11 km
travel time: 0 min
Moderate mountain hike

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Jagdschloss Schachen - Ganztageswanderung

House Schachen

Sightseeing: Hiking Songlines in the Alpenwelt Karwendel

On top of mountain Schachen you can find a hunting lodge built by King Ludwig II. The way to this impressive magnificent building, which is completely contrary to the wild mountain landscape, may be quite long but worth every single step you take!

duration: ~ 5 hours

Simple but long mountain hike without technical difficulties and with well prepared and wide forest roads and wooded trails. Further up high  you will find well – trodden mountain tracks.

Have a stop at:
Wettersteinalm (just drinls)
House Schachen

distance: 16 km
travel time: 0 min

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