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Local, Bavarian cuisine at the Parkhotel Wallgau

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Tasteful pleasure with the highest
Our excellent cuisine at the Parkhotel Wallgau promises to meet the highest standards.

Our cuisine is characterised by diversity and tradition. Our chef Andreas Möbius and his team will be happy to spoil you with luxurious Bavarian-regional cuisine, modern touches and international influences. We use fresh and seasonal products from the Werdenfelser Land and the local herb garden. Enjoy our classic dishes, interpreted in a modern way, prepared for you with heart and passion!

Taste is a subject of debate. Pleasure is not. Neither is quality. The excellent cuisine at the Parkhotel promises tasteful enjoyment at the highest standards, using selected ingredients from the region. The experienced kitchen team around Andreas Möbius creates a range of delicacies that combines traditional cuisine with highly appreciated seasonal specialities and a variety of new culinary ideas. Only the best for your palate – after all, your palate likes to be pampered too. Allow him this pleasure!

A responsible approach to what nature gives us is personally close to our heart. That’s why we use only the best quality products in the preparation of our dishes, such as crunchy vegetables, local mushrooms and tender meat, as well as fresh fish from the region. Because these are the best ingredients for a unique sense of culinary delight, we act with ecological awareness in our kitchen. After all, we have a responsibility to you, to nature and to us.

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Our diverse restaurant rooms offer the perfect setting for your culinary delights.

Diversity. Variety. Tradition.
A gustatory pleasure

Our cuisine, which is continually being adapted to the current season, offers a refreshing wealth of ideas that attracts culinary delights from near and far. Thus, fans of regional classics enjoy it as much as cooking fans. The proven inspiration that arouses curiosity: a successful combination of traditional cuisine, highly appreciated seasonal specialities and a variety of open-minded ideas from the well-trained kitchen team make our restaurant’s offer so unique. Our menu is very diverse, with a wide range of dishes—the best selection for you to make a choice.

Only F(r)isch
comes on the table

Fish in the mountains? Fish in the mountains! More precisely, in the numerous lakes and rivers of our Alpine Karwende region. Crystal clear lakes. Light blue sky. All around the peaks of the Bavarian mountains. The home of vendace and pike. Zander and trout. Char and catfish. Our Bavarian brooks and lakes offer excellent water quality and are rich in freshly caught fish – for local fish experts and taste aesthetes from far away. In our cuisine, we place special emphasis on the high-quality processing of local fish species – for example from the Walchensee or the cool waters of the Upper Isar Valley.