Max & Moritz

The cocktail bar at Parkhotel Wallgau


Make yourself comfortable
after a hard day at work
in the Max and Moritz Bar

Good news for hard workers: After a busy day, you don’t have to travel long distances to celebrate a successful day! Make yourself comfortable in our rustic Bar Max and Moritz or in the elegant cocktail bar of our Lobby-Café and enjoy our wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks..

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    – Lüftlmalerei mit Max & Moritz-Geschichten
    – 20 Lounge-Sitze in bequemen Clubsesseln
    – 30 Sitze auf bequemen Bänken
    – 5 Bar-Sitze
    – einziehbarer FlachImageschirm
    – einziehbare Leinwand

    Meetingraum Max und Moritz im Parkhotel Wallgau

    Closed from April to December

    The classical bar with walnut wood paneling radiates cosiness. The barkeeper mixes a cocktail.

Welcome to our event spaces! Rent our bar exclusively for your family celebration, party or award ceremony after a golf tournament or ski competition. Salons or rather meetings? Our bar is changeable and can be used as a cocktail bar during the day as well as an exclusive meeting room. The comfortable high club chairs allow you to work comfortably at the table and offer the perfect comfort for evening talks. In addition to the projector and conference technology, the equipment also includes a retractable flat screen so you can watch the special events together with your dear friends at Bar Max and Moritz.

The idea of Bar Max and Moritz. “Well, it was like that,” – the hotel manager recalls the origins of the bold name with a smile – “the Bosshard couple and I were looking for an exciting theme for the murals planned on the walls of our bar, and at first we didn’t think of a proper name. At first, we thought of something like Schweizer Stuben, because the Bosshards come from Switzerland. But then Mr Bosshard had the brighter idea of creating a connection between his first name Max and his reference to St. Moritz and telling the story of probably the most famous Max and Moritz rascals on the walls of our bar. That was the birth of our little Hotel jewellery – the Max and Moritz Bar”. – Dennis Wrba (host)

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Eagerness to work during the day – Exuberance at night
Whether at a conference or a party: We offer the right place for every occasion.

In our locations you can meet and celebrate

Enjoy the meetings in our Parkhotel in the most beautiful landscape and Alps view. For a relaxed mind. For concentrated thought. Our Kavalierstube and gallery are equipped areas that provide a pleasant atmosphere for goal-oriented work and presentations of all kinds. Our high, bright rooms offer the necessary space for maximum comfort. For the realisation of ideas. To make room for great thoughts.

We take care of your event

A cosy atmosphere for great parties. Celebrations away from the noise of the city and the hustle and bustle. Our Kavalierstube and gallery can be transformed from rooms of productive thought to rooms of joyful celebration. Transformed into elegant ballrooms, they are the perfect place for your perfect party. Here you can dance, sing and laugh. Love and birthdays are celebrated. Relax in peace and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the company of your loved ones. Our staff will take care of the rest. We will be happy to advise you personally about the event you want and will take care of the planning and organisation. We offer you the possibility to celebrate in a small circle or to organize large events with up to 95 people. If you wish, we can also introduce you to our regional partners in the events sector.