Cycling tour Wallgau – Mittenwald

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From Wallgau to the Barmsee, to the Buckelwiesen on the Goas-Alm

From Wallgau we go to the Barmsee, which already invites you to stay in the first stop. Up to the Maria Rast Chapel, where you can’t get enough of the numerous Alpine peaks, an endless panorama of the Werdenfelser Land! Further on, you will pass magnificent humpback meadows, and after a short drive, you will reach the Goas-Alm, where you can taste goat specialties before taking the pleasant descent over the Schmalensee to Mittenwald. A traditional ambience with air painting welcomes you at the Obermarkt ………………..?, enjoy this unique stay.

Radtour vom Parkhotel Wallgau zum Lautersee