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Park­hotel Wall­gau

4 stars wellness hotel in Bavaria – Parkhotel Wallgau

Your small
private hotel
for unforgettable vacations in
Upper Bavaria

Spending vacations in Upper Bavaria means experiencing an unforgettable vacation. Take a break from everyday life and visit the Parkhotel, a small but fine 4 stars hotel between Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Enjoy your vacations in one of the most beautiful hotels in the Zugspitz region and the Upper Isar Valley. Welcome to Wallgau, welcome to the Parkhotel!

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Alpine spirit, for generations characterized by family togetherness and great helpfulness, is still omnipresent in our region today. It also characterizes our house, where we welcome you with all our heart! Spend your vacations in beautiful Upper Bavaria and enjoy your stay in our comfortable 45 room hotel. You will quickly leave everyday life behind you and feel completely at ease with us. Alpine comfort combined with a picturesque landscape and perfect service are the basis for your relaxing vacations in Upper Bavaria. Our Swiss stone pine rooms are exactly the right retreat for your hiking vacation in the Alps. They are comfortably furnished in warm wood tones and equipped with everything necessary.

The diverse nature of the Zugspitz region, where our hotel is located, invites you to go hiking and long walks. Sportsmen and women as well as people looking for relaxation experience a holiday in the Upper Isar Valley according to their own ideas.

Excursionists can go jogging, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and many other outdoor activities during their holiday. Our Bavaria-Spa area promises special moments of well-being for body and soul. Take a bath in our pool or book one of our relaxing treatments.

After your holiday with us in Werdenfelser Land, you will feel completely recovered and full of new energy.


Dennis Wrba, Regula Bosshard & Max Bosshard

Feel welcome to visit our Parkhotel Wallgau and the picturesque Zugspitz region. We are especially pleased to present our hotel and our beloved region on the following pages.
For us as a team, for Mr Wrba himself, as well as for the owner Max Bosshard and his wife Regula, the Parkhotel Wallgau is more than just a nationally known superior four-star hotel with an excellent reputation. It is a piece of home, a personal passion, a life’s dream fulfilled.

Whether you are a guest at the hotel or the restaurant, feel invited to visit the Parkhotel and allow us to welcome you with hospitality so that you can enjoy an incomparable peaceful stay, unforgettable culinary delights and the service of a highly qualified team.
Enjoy browsing our website. We will be delighted to have you with us.

At home as a guest

Feel at home, but without the stresses and strains of everyday life – that is what you want. To do everything for it – that is what we promise you.

Come in. Switch off and get to know a world that allows honest deceleration. An environment that builds up, strengthens and provides energy. In harmony with nature, we largely use the local building material wood for the design of our rooms. Because wood lets us breathe. It lets us become calm and go into ourselves. Makes us arrive – on the outside and inside.

Dive down. Treat yourself to the relaxation you need and deserve with our wide range of lovingly furnished bedrooms and living rooms – your body and mind will thank you for it. From our Residence Suites to our rooms, our house offers every guest the opportunity to stay relaxed according to his or her personal taste. All our suites, balcony and village view rooms are filled with the satisfying omnipresence of the unparalleled scent of wood.

cooking art in
rustic atmosphere

Taste is a subject of debate. Pleasure is not. Neither is quality.
The excellent cuisine at the Parkhotel promises tasteful enjoyment at the highest standards, using selected ingredients from the region.
The experienced kitchen team around Andreas Möbius creates a range of delicacies that combines traditional cuisine with highly appreciated seasonal specialities and a variety of new culinary ideas.
Only the best for your palate – after all, your palate likes to be pampered too.
Allow him this pleasure!

Welcome to the fireplace

Slow down. Don’t worry about anything else.
Let the world goes and enjoy what truly matters.

In winter, when it’s cold and snowing outside, it’s cosy and pleasant here in the Parkhotel. The comfortable feeling of the magic of the winter cabin flows through our rooms and transforms them into cosy places of winter comfort. In winter, you want a peaceful place where you can relax once again. The facilities in our house are made for it: Fragrant Swiss stone pine wood, magnificent carvings, wonderful rustic atmosphere – everywhere.

Snow covers the Parkhotel Wallgau and the whole surrounding.
The deep silence returns. The fire crackles in our lobby. Come in, get warm. Enjoy the winter magic that surrounds us in a sensation of deep relaxation. Sit in front of the fireplace with a winter jumper, an drink a warm tea or coffee while watching the flames. Relax on a comfortable chair in our lobby and watch the snowflakes fall while you taste a piece of homemade cake. The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and we do everything in our hands to make it happens.
Every day. From the heart. For you.

Our Values.
We live the
alpine spirit

For generations, we have been characterised by family unity, which is based on a great willingness to help in everyday life. Our employees always put their hearts into their work. We respect each person in his or her individuality.