Power at the table

… but pleasure during breaks. That works best when you meet where others take their holidays: At the Parkhotel Wallgau, for example, away from the noise of the city amidst refreshingly pure nature.
Our function rooms – “Kavalierstube” and “Galerie” – are not only ideal conference rooms, equipped with all the necessary amenities for professional planning and presentation, but also a stylish setting for family celebrations and events. Here, you can relax, enjoy the attentive service of our staff, concentrate on your work without distractions or simply celebrate at ease.

“Galerie”, “Kavalierstube” and “Alte Stube”

Hochzeitstafel im Parkhotel Wallgau
A brief overview:

“Galerie”, 90 sq.m.

  • Seating for 60 persons
  • U-shaped table, up to approx. 30 persons
  • Oval table, up to approx. 30 persons
  • Theatre-style seating, approx. 70 persons


“Kavalierstube”, 50 sq.m.

  • Seating for up to 60 persons
  • Horseshoe seating, 30 persons
  • Classroom-style seating, approx. 60 persons
  • Theatre-style seating, approx. 60 persons


“Alte Stube”

  • Historical wood panelling with stylish pokerwork
  • 35 à la carte places
  • Events up to approx. 45 persons
  • Direct access to the terrace


Max & Moritz

Appropriate for conferences, meetings and as group room.
In the evening the bar can be rent by companies for exclusive use.

  • Seating for 12 persons U-shaped table or block
  • 50 sq.m.,  2,5 m ceiling height
  • Equipment: silver screen, flat TV, leather armchairs, conference technology


We offer you different equipment.
For example:

•    free Wi-Fi
•    beamer
•    screen
•    meeting equipment
•    noticeboard
•    flip chart
•    cd player
•    notebook