Wellness & Spa – vacation in Bavaria

at the Parkhotel

Our “Bavaria Spa” with swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna area and the wellness rooms offers pure relaxation.
Only you count here. Let us spoil you. Treat yourself and your body to more – individual sensual relaxation for body, mind and soul. From peelings and packs to massages and active regeneration in our nature.

Massages and cosmetic treatments currently not available.

Stay fit in the cardio room

The cardio room with crosstrainer, treadmill, ergometer and rowing machine offers you a bad weather option to stay active on your vacation. The offer is completed by wall bars, skipping ropes and weights. A punching bag is available for people with even more power.

in the Parkhotel Wallgau

Impressively fine work, beautiful to look at and as touching as a favorite picture book from childhood

Professional precision meets preserved tradition. The result is an art that touches the heart. Because it comes from the heart. Aerial painters not only work with extreme precision, they also love their profession. They practice it with joy and honour it. As it is due to the traditional art of the Lüftlmalerei. Those who are Lüftlmaler, do it with passion. They tell stories. About hopes and dreams, about faith and piety. About life. The stories are colourful and as exciting for the curious amateur as for the expert with a connoisseur’s vision. Come to the beautiful land of Werdenfelser and see for yourself.
With a wink, even current themes can become the theme of popular wall decorations. Take a look, for example, at the Max and Moritz Bar or the sauna area of the Parkhotel Wallgau and let yourself be surprised!

Dahoam is
where the heart is at home

Beloved tradition. Lived Passion. Alpine customs. Wellness for the senses.

What has been transmitted is preserved. What is remembered remains in our minds to amaze us. Bavarian is full of traditions; one exciting event follows the next. Those who wish to can experience cultural events at any time and immerse themselves in a fascinating world. The alpine world of Karwendel cultivates its centuries-old traditions with enthusiasm and care. Experience for yourself the unique hustle and bustle of Alpine customs: in the joyful performances of the talented folk music and Schuhplattler groups. In the entertaining evenings of the Gebirgsschützenverein. Maypole celebrations and solemn processions through the whole village. Full of colour and originality.